hi this is jeffrey langlois langlois vital nutrition center here in brookfield wisconsin

our mission is to help you improve your health naturally

and as many of you know i like to call my program nourish and detox amazing testimony had

to get on the video camera right away to share this is so exciting and a lot of people

i think is a really important message to hear so we have a client showing you a

picture of her skin this is her back and she was starting to get all covered over in this

horrible burning painful rash all over her body and what happens when you nourish your

body better and you start to push in the good stuff is the body in its own wisdom starts to

push out when it has the strength poison out of the body now the skin is an

organ of elimination and this is why we always say sauna is so important for

everybody i know it may not be the most fun thing to do but getting in the sauna and opening up

the skin and letting the toxins come out is really important so i had this horrible

rash and i you know we we worked on it we tried to do a couple of supplements didn’t seem to

help i said hey you need to get in the sauna so she schedules a sauna on saturday

and she comes in or she calls to cancel the sauna because she said i’m in way too much pain

the heat of those lamp bulbs is is going to hurt way too much so uh but andy had the fortitude to say

no you know you actually should come in even if it’s just for five minutes you need to come in

you need to get the circulation going you need to get those pores open and allow the body to push

this poison out so the body is going to detox now many of you may may not remember but 

when you first came in and probably been showing this article for 20 years here

national not 20 years i say 14 years came out in 2000 national geographic did this story

called the pollution within now a lot of people are like what the pollution within

and so national geographic did a scientific study here of how many chemicals

are in all of our bodies okay everybody you have poison in your body you have pesticides you have flame

retardants you have heavy metals and this is it’s here it is here our author’s chemical report card

okay so you this is all confirmed scientifically they tested a healthy 40 year old male for 320

chemicals in his body and they found a 165. now they only tested 320 and realized

in our modern environment compared to your great grandparents there are over

80 000 man-made chemicals in our environment 80 000 they’re in our food they’re in 

the air they’re in the water they’re sprayed on your furniture they’re in your carpeting they’re in

your clothing the toxic dyes on your clothing i always wear a white undershirt

underneath these dyes the the chemicals go into the bloodstream your toothpaste

your skin care so they only tested 320 and they found 165 and it goes on to say that these

chemicals can cause thyroid problems kidney problems liver problems anyways

having this horrible skin rash andy convinces her no she needs to sit in the sauna

she comes yesterday sits in the sauna and she said within the first few minutes her skin

actually felt better and when she left after about a half an hour in the sauna yesterday

her skin had almost cleared up this is amazing so here’s a lady who was

going to cancel coming in her skin hurts so bad and she left and got home and her skin

felt better than it’s felt in a week with this horrible rash and burning and pain that she had

on her skin and the sauna cleared it up now why would it do that because the body was trying to get rid of

something she’s made tremendous progress we’ve been working on her thyroid and getting her thyroid stronger

all year and uh well it’s march but actually the end of last year and that’s increased her energy she’s gotten

stronger so as the body gets stronger it’s going to push out so even if you only have 165 poisons in your body your

body doesn’t want them but it can’t push them out when your body’s malnourished

a weak body will not detox so so excited had to cut this video for you and realize the importance of

the sauna opening up the skin and organ of elimination in most people it’s been shut down

all of our city water has chlor chlorine bleach in it fluoride these things damage the skin

our skin doesn’t breathe like it did hundreds of years ago when you were outside you

you just had you only wore natural fibers there wasn’t chemicals in your clothes there wasn’t chemicals in the

water so anyway wanted to share that right away and um remember when you have your health you

have your wealth everything will go better in your life your job will go better your family will

go better your hobbies will go better your relationships will go better so all 

right thank you very much and i’ll see you on the next video

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