Near Infrared Sauna

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy is a critical part of healing and an important part of our Nourish and Detox program. Watch our video on why Sauna Therapy is important!

Video #10 - Detox: Saunas

3 Main Benefits

  1. .Relaxation

Very Important! The warm heat of the sauna relaxes the muscles and nervous system. Tensions melt away. Very important for healing. Like a mini-vacation!

  1. Health Maintenance

Periodic use of a sauna, once a week or so, enhances circulation which nourishes the glands, cleanses the skin, and offers many of the benefits of exercise.

  1. Healing – MOST IMPORTANT!!

We often focus too much on relieving symptoms and ignore deeper causes that the sauna addresses. Among these, one of the most important is the role of toxic substances in causing ill health. Removing chemical, metal, biological, and radioactive toxins from the body is THE PRIME RATIONALE for the use of saunas by everyone at this time in history.

Can speed up death of weaker cells containing: – cancer – bacteria – virus – damaged DNA – radioactive minerals – chemical toxins – toxic metals.

Improve genetics – many people have significant amounts of damaged DNA due to the effects of toxic chemicals, toxic metals, and radiation.

Enhances circulation – better circulation means better cell nourishment and enhanced removal of toxins.

Enhances the immune system.

Improves cellular energy production, respiration, and elimination.

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