Meet Our Practitioners

Jeffrey Langlois, ND, CNC, CBS, NRT, GAPS

Jeffrey Langlois has been involved in the natural health industry almost his entire life.

Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center was started by Jeffrey’s grandparents in 1946, at the urging of Jeff’s father – Les Langlois’ MD. Dr Langlois realized then that health food would be the thing of the future – in 1946!

Jeffrey Langlois’ is a Classical Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy. He is not a medical doctor. He does not diagnose not treat any diseases, buy rather he helps you to build health. A Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy studies the inherent ability of the body to heal itself. When the body is properly supplied with adequate nutrition and then subsequently detoxified, the innate healing power of nature is turned on.


Jeffrey is also certified in the GAPS method of improving digestive health. He has had personal experience with the GAPS diet and knows of the remarkable ability of a healthy digestive tract to impact your overall health. He continues to study and eat the way of GAPS and other similar modalities.

Jeffrey is also an advanced level Nutrition Response Testing (NRT – a system of muscle testing) practitioner and has been practicing muscle testing since 1983. The combination of muscle testing and Hair Tissue Mineral analysis provides an incredible opportunity to improve your health in a very affordable way. The amount of information available to you from muscle testing and Hair Tissue Mineral analysis is easily the most benefit for the smallest investment. There are many other ways to improved health however most of those cost thousands of dollars. Sometimes the simplest methods are the best.

Jeffrey attended Trinity School of Natural Health. He also has studied Enzyme Nutrition with the Loomis Institute. He is continually studying and learning how to improve people’s health! It is his passion.

Drew Detzner, BA, CNC, MH, CFT

Drew Detzner became a nutritionist out of a passion for helping others and an interest in biological research. The son of a teacher and a counselor, Drew uses the wisdom learned growing up in that environment while working with clients. He is a graduate of Valparaiso University, the International Sport Science Academy, Trinity College of Natural Health, and Ulan Nutritional Systems’ Advanced Clinical Training program.

Drew enjoys working with “difficult cases”. He says, “There are no difficult cases when the correct educational tools are being utilized to progress mind, body, and spirit. This means practitioner and client must both be willing to acknowledge what is not optimal and improve the handling of the cause of the problem.”

Drew is married to his college sweetheart and is also the proud father of Morgan Victoria (Born on Aug 16, 2015).


Dr. Pete Geary, DC

Dr. Pete Geary takes a unique approach to find the root cause of his patient’s problems. He employs a variety of specialized treatments, therapies, and nutrition strategies to target the problem; getting you the relief and health you are looking for quickly. Dr. Pete has extensive training in both the medical field and chiropractic field. He graduated with cum laude honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been trained as an Emergency Medical Technician, low back safety course instructor for the American Red Cross, Health Coach, and certified personal trainer. With over 16 years in the health field, Dr. Pete has helped thousands of patients and frequently lectures to large groups of people on health and wellness. He is well-versed in treating various conditions, such as: back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder injuries, knee and other joint injuries, whiplash, and sciatica. As a former division one athlete at Marquette University, and prior team doctor for a semi-pro football team, Dr. Pete has a great appreciation for proper body mechanics and focuses on the treatment of individuals from every activity range and age level. Dr. Pete and his team take great pride in providing customized care tailored to each patient.
In his free time, he enjoys spending time coaching youth sports and getting outdoors with his wife, two sons and their golden doodle puppy.

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