Success Stories

Jeffrey Langlois, CN, CNC, CBS, NRT, GAPS

Jeffrey Langlois, CN, CNC, CBS, NRT, GAPS


Throughout the years, Vital Nutrition Center has accumulated hundreds of success stories.

Here is just a small example of those testimonials we have on file at our office.

We have divided them in categories, that way it’s easier for you to read what you need to review.

Disclaimer: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided by Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center and on is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or condition and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice provided by a physician or health care provider. Please consult a physician regarding any medical questions or concerns and before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.


Allergies / Food Sensitivities

I was generally healthy, but frustrated by seasonal allergies. After three months of treatment, I have gone through two allergy seasons with tremendous improvements!
– Joe M.

When I first came in I was getting unexplainable hives and swelling. I saw numerous specialists, none of which could figure out what was causing it or could offer suggestions on managing it. After some testing here, we were able to narrow down some foods that were triggering the hives and swelling. We found some supplements that help balance my system so that my hives and swelling are minimal to non-existent. Overall, my body feels much better. My migraines have pretty much disappeared.
– Patty S.

Digestion / Stomach

Overweight-Bloaty, Sluggish, anxious, moody, craving sweets & carbs. Hungry all the time. Achy body, generalized”Blah”. Tired and just plain feeling sick. Frustrated that what I was doing wasn’t working-I felt as though my body was screaming for help and I needed to do something quickly or I was going to fail and get really sick. Glad I listened to my body! Main line treatment wasn’t working for me.

Learning better foods-Importantly the hwy and how foods affect my body. Learning about supplements and why I wasn’t feeling better on store bought, TV advertised products. Smart food shopping-the “junk” that is labeled as healthy but isn’t-that’s why it wasn’t helping me. The 3 week body cleanse really helped me to get rid of bloating, diminish craving for sweets and junk- A LOT. Noticing a big difference when I eat “good” foods – energy, happy, focused- enjoyment of every day. My body now feels lousy when I don’t eat right- I can see the difference faster. People now say how good I look now. My body feels better- I feel happy now. I’m confident I’m on the right path.
–Dolly S.

I was constantly tired and worn out. I had very bad stomach pains.

I have more energy than ever and have not had any stomach problems since starting the program.
–Amy S.

Prior to starting a regimen with Drew, I had extremely fast digestion virtually with every meal and often (bowel movements) up to 7 times a day. I always had diarrhea (for months) and suffered from acid reflux too. I couldn’t seem to get to the root of the problem, even though I had experimented with dietary changes on my own.

Within days of starting my Standard Process supplements I was having normal bowel movements only once or twice a day. Thank God! I am continuing to find out which foods react well with my body and try to avoid those that don’t. I am now more aware of the consequences of poor food choices and am able to see the direct connection. I rarely have acid reflux and feel better overall.
–Meredith B.

I was having stomach issues and not feeling well.
(I) feel so much better and stomach issues are very rare.
–Jill G.

Before coming to see Drew, I struggled with GI sensitivities which caused me to be hospitalized 3 times in one year.
By determining what foods / nutrients my body needs and getting the right supplements, the majority of the sensitivities I once had have diminished. I have also gained much more energy than I once had.
–Nella M.

A friend recommended that I visit the Vital Nutrition Center because of stomach problems I was having and I am really happy that I came.

Drew has not only helped me with my stomach, but with some joint pain and fatigue I was experiencing as well. I can honestly say I feel better and I’m thankful I got the help I needed without medication.
–Michele S.

(My) digestion was poor. (I had) emotional exhaustion / anxiety.

(Since coming to LVNC) digestion improved, energy level is more consistent, and emotional levels are more consistently positive.
–Diane S.

Stomach issues, especially when eating gluten rich foods. Bloated, tired, felt like my body was “out of wack”, inflammation, sweat smelled like ammonia, eyes a little red all the time, and overall didn’t feel very well.

Stomach has been 90 – 95% better. Now I am getting proper minerals and nutrition. Significantly less red eyes / eyes are white. Much less inflammation, more energy, my skin looks better – less breakouts and overall, I feel much better!
–Chuck S.

I have not had to take a laxative or an antacid since the 2nd week of following your treatment plan. I feel like a normal person again.

–Amy M.

On any given day, I suffered from diarrhea, constipation, stomachaches, and bloating. It feels good to be able to have more confidence in my daily routine, not having to center it around concerns of health.
–Jo S.


“I was tired all the time when I first came to see you. Now I wake up with energy 70% of the time. I have not had that since I was a kid!”
Susan M.

Before I visited Langlois Nutrition Center, I dealt with an array of health issues. I suffered from regular
fatigue, hormonal problems, and thyroid problems. After visiting Jeff weekly for only a month, every issue improved significantly, and I was able to get through and increasingly rigorous schedule without
the exhaustion I dealt with prior.”
Julia S.

I’ve never felt so good. Sleep great! Look forward to waking up. My depression is gone. I’m so happy
and full of energy!”
Cathie D.

“I now have a better view and understanding of the right foods to eat. I have a natural healthy tone to my skin. I have more energy and a higher excitement level!””
Mandy B.

Foot Baths

I haven’t felt this good since 1995. My energy is up, my stomach is better.”
Deborah P.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

As I was getting my foot bath I had a feeling of euphoria. It felt as if my head was getting lighter, not light headed, but clearer. It felt like things were being drained out of me, like I was being cleansed. It felt good.”
Jamie M.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

I have tried a number of different ways to detoxify my body. Getting a foot bath was the only way I felt a positive change immediately. As soon as my first session was done my legs felt lighter. After a couple of sessions my energy levels are up and my legs still feel great.”
Tom A.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

I feel great, I can feel it already. I am hooked, I will be coming back. I feel more energetic.”
Debbie S.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

This is the easiest detox I have ever done. It even helped with the calluses on my feet.”
Pam D.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

My knees were so bad! My feet were bad and were making me limp. Now I am walking like a normal person and without my cane! Of course I am coming back for more. I am bringing in my grandson in to you folks.”
Lucy M.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

I’m back for my 2nd foot bath and boy did the first one work! My legs don’t hurt. I have really had problems since my last child was born, 40 years ago. The day after my first foot bath I was able to garden from 10am until 7 pm. It feels so good to feel good. It works even if you don’t understand it.”
Bonnie G.
(Foot Bath Testimonial)

General Health

More people need what you are offering here.”
Jeff G.

I don’t know what we would have done without the help we got at the Vital Nutrition Center.”
Debbie E.

The Vital Nutrition Center knows their stuff. I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t.”
Jerry R.

It was a blessing that I stopped into the Vital Nutrition Center. I had curiously visited the store a couple of times over the past several years, but now I’m convinced that Jeff, Drew, and the rest of the crew are not just in it for the money. You are truly and honestly committed to guiding and educating people to live their lives to the fullest, and it all starts with their health and overall well-being. And for this I thank you! Thank you for pulling me out of the mainstream supplement industry trap!”
Rich S.

When I first came to Jeff, it was after an accident, I fell. I went to the doctor after several emergency room visits and the doctor said nothing was wrong. But I still had vertigo and was left no choice but to use several pharmaceuticals that gave me side effects. I was blessed with info about Jeff Langlois and from my first visit here it was nothing but spiritual blessings. Body, mind, emotional has done a 360 turn around to reach total balance. I can now deal with daily stress. Up and downs are gone. No more vertigo or anxiety. Off of all my pharmaceuticals. I am always excited about life, taking on new goals regularly. It is thanks to how I now live, which is total health; this is all thanks to Jeff and the Vital Nutrition Center staff. Now I feel I am back to myself as an athlete. He is a life saver. For the last 3 years I have seen my M.D. only for female check ups. I use no pharmaceuticals only the supplements that Jeff recommends. May God bless the studies and work of the Vital Nutrition Center and his staff.”
Zonia P.

Since I’ve become a client at Langlois Vital Nutrition Center I take only herbal supplements and vitamins. I am very happy with my health. I can out dance, run, or bike any teen, any time.

Zonia P.

“What has been most astonishing is our 11 and 13 year old kids being able to take more responsibility over their own bodies and in monitoring and controlling what they take in and how it affects them. We feel much more confident that as we prepare them for being on their own, they will make good choices and will have the know-how to make adjustments and take responsibility for themselves.””
Doug L.

“I was out of commission for three or four weeks every winter, and now, after 12 visits, I feel better than ever. It was easy, I just followed Drew’s direction.””
Peter C.

Headaches / Migranies

“I had daily excruciating migraines, severe food allergies, fatigue, joint soreness, and found it terribly difficult to sleep. I felt years older than 32 and daily tasks that any mom should be able to undertake, like caring for her children, seemed daunting. Since coming to Langlois my headaches are almost completely gone.

I feel healthier and younger and was able to go for a long bike ride the other day, something I haven’t been able to do for 2 years because of my joint pain. Caring for my children is activity filled and fun once more. I am able to undertake activities I like, like yoga, without fear of repercussions.”
Meggan K.

Before I came in to see [Jeff] Langlois I had 4-5 migraines a month, and back and leg pain. Now my back pain has gone away. So has my leg pain. I have only had about 1 headache a month and have not had a migraine in two months.”
Sharon M.

Hormone Balance

Jeff: I want to thank you from my heart for helping me. After two days of following your treatment plan, I started to feel like myself. It has been a week now. This is the best I have felt in many, many months. I am happy with myself, happy being with others and most of all it is because of how good I feel.

My stomach, hormones, anxiety feelings issues are practically gone. My well being is back on track, thanks to you. I believe the best advertisement of happiness is me. People ask me what is different. They tell me I look great. The reason I look great is because I feel great! Many, many thanks for your guidance and treatment plan!”
Marla P.

Joint Pain / Arthritis

The Fourth of July was enjoyable because for the first time in 10 years because I was able to walk around and play with my grandchildren. Now that my knees feel better I am looking forward to what else I can improve. Thank you!”
Jane H.

I had awful neck and head pains for almost 10 years. They were scary because I am old and alone. It has been so much improved while working with Jeff that I almost forgot about it. I love being in my yard but I couldn’t for so long. Just the other day I was able to spend time in my yard with no pain. This is such a joy. And my friends are asking what I am doing to get rid of the wrinkles on my face. Thanks Jeff!”
Constance E.

“I sleep better at night because there’s no pain in my legs, back, and hips. I am able to do household chores that were difficult for many months.””
Evelynn M.

Neck / Back Pain

Before I came to Vital Nutrition Center my health wasn’t the best. I was in pain for ten years because of my back. I couldn’t walk, move, play with my nieces, or anything. In only 3 visits to Vital Nutrition Center my back pain went from a one to a ten (one being bad and ten being great).”
Brittany B.

Anxiety /Depression

Before I came in to Langlois’, I was having a fluttering sensation in my chest from an irregular heartbeat. I was anxiety-ridden and under major stress because I thought I had a heart condition! I was seen by a cardiologist who suggested I go on medication.

Two weeks after starting my treatment at Langlois’, after taking the recommended supplements and treating my scars with the [cold] laser and the wheat germ oil, I am calm, I have no more arrhythmia, I have less anxiety, and I feel more ‘in control.’ An echocardiogram has confirmed that I have no more irregular atrial beat! I am feeling even better than before the arrhythmia started!
  — Jeanne B.

Before coming in to Langlois’ I was experiencing constant side pain on both sides of my torso and suffering from anxiety and all of the fun symptoms that go with it. I had seen many different doctors to help with the side and chest pain, which ended in them not knowing what was wrong.

After seeing Drew, making diet changes and adding some supplements, I’ve had a huge improvement in my health. My side pains have disappeared along with the severity of my anxiety symptoms. Everything seems more stable and my energy level has increased. Now I look forward to working with Drew to help guide my nutrition for a healthy pregnancy.
  –Melanie S.

Before coming to see Jeff, I was being highly encouraged to take an anti-depressant medication. My energy was very low and my mood was dark. I was lightheaded and weak almost daily – and my doctors had no idea what to recommend. I was drinking so much water with no relief – I was very uncomfortable often.

My mood transformation had been AMAZING. It has been so insightful to see how much support my body craves when it comes to handling stress and now I can give it that support. Pink salt had been a game changer – and it’s now one of my favorite things. It helps my lightheadedness which is now so much less frequent and helps hold the water I had been overdrinking. I am more comfortable and more aware of what my body is telling me it needs. I am so thankful for the gift of a healthier body and mood this team has given me. : )
  –Jackie T.

Before I came in to see Drew, I suffered from fatigue, social anxiety, and occasional episodes of low mood. I found that the social anxiety made talking to women difficult and did not help with social networking, either.

Now, I have plenty of energy, my anxiety is gone, and while I have been on several dates in the last few months, I’m happy to say I’ve met the girl of my dreams and am engaged to be married!
  — Jason K.

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