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Jeffrey Langlois, CN, CNC, CBS, NRT, GAPS

A Traditional Naturopath studies the inherent ability of the body to heal itself. When the body is properly supplied with adequate nutrition and then subsequently detoxified, the innate healing power of nature is turned on.

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Office (414) 453-8289

"I have more vitality than I’ve had in over 3 years."

Since my challenge with congestive heart failure last year, Jeff’s continuous research and the nutrition program has increased my heart valve function by 25%. I have more vitality than I’ve had in over 3 years and no more shortness of breath. My cardiologist is astonished. ∼Sunni B.

"These guys possess the best technique"

These guys possess the best technique – Nutrition Response Testing®, for repairing and healing the body. So accurate and so effective. Aside from that, the staff is friendly and cheerful and there is such a pleasant atmosphere in the office. ∼ Natalie M

"...Answers all my questions, even some I didn’t know I had!"

Drew never makes me feel rushed (unlike in most doctors’ offices!) Answers all my questions, even some I didn’t know I had! ∼ Gail D

"I enjoyed learning about my inner health"

I enjoyed learning about my inner health and discovering what my body needs to function to its fullest potential. Dr. Langlois was very helpful and provided me with insight into what foods I should avoid eating to help my health. ∼ Lynsey O.

"His commitment and guidance over the years have been an amazing"

I started out seeing Jeff Langlois on a weekly basis. I now meet with him every 6 months. His commitment and guidance over the years have been an amazing and rewarding experience toward a healthier, happier me! ∼ Pam O.

"Both myself and my husband become healthy and strong"

I have been going to Jeff for many years and he has helped both myself and my husband become healthy and strong. We both appreciate the guidance from Jeff and his staff. ∼ Alma D.

"It has made me feel a 100% better than I've felt 3+ years ago"

~ Monica

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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Langlois, and I’m one of the nutrition experts in the office.

Here at Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center you’ll find lots of tools to help you live a healthier life. . We support over 100 clients every week with our individually tailored Nourish and Detox program. We help clients all over the United States get the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. We want to help your body have a chance to heal itself whether you’re local or one of our long-distant clients.

As we work together to nourish your body, it will naturally want to detoxify. On a daily basis, we are exposed to toxins in our environment that affect our health! We use a variety of modalities such as near-infrared sauna, indigo biofeedback, and reflexology to support detoxification alongside a supplement program to promote detoxification.

By using a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, we look inside your body for minerals and heavy metals to determine which supplements are lacking or in excess in the body.

Everybody is different! For this reason, your report will be looked at individually and given recommendations based on YOU!

This is the primary form of analysis we use in the office and does NOT replace regular blood work from your doctor. Click here to watch our video on why we use a hair analysis.

Our mission is to educate and provide guidance to live a life of great health through food, supplements and detoxification. We want you to feel good about your health, increase your energy, improve your sleep, and/or help you lose weight through our programs. To view testimonies from our clients covering a wide variety of concerns visit our “Success Stories” tab above. Find out how we can support your health goals!

Check out our “Services” tab to learn more about the many ways we offer better health solutions in our clinic.

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We are located at the corner of Thomas Ln and Wisconsin Ave. It’s easiest to find us if you turn North towards Marty’s Pizza onto Thomas Ln off Bluemound Rd. Our sign and entrance is located on the right-hand side with additional signs within the parking lot.

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