Indigo Biofeedback

To date, most of the therapies used in healing are tangible, meaning they physically work on your body, to bring about some kind of positive change.

– swallow a pill or supplement
– eat a particular food
– drink an herbal tea
– receive chiropractic adjustments

Even electrical and magnetic therapies are physical in nature, and entails such things as running electrical current through the body to heal a bone or placing a magnet on a sore knee or elbow to ease the pain.

But the Indigo is based on the fact that every cell of your body vibrates at a specific and unique frequency. The collection of these cells (organs and tissues) vibrates at a different frequency rate than everything else. Not only do organs have their own vibratory rate, but everything else on the planet does as well, including brain chemicals (good ones called neurotransmitters), vitamins, food and even emotions.

Similarly, healthy organs, thoughts, bacteria, etc., vibrate at a different rate than unhealthy ones. For example, a healthy liver vibrates differently than a diseased one. The same goes for healthy emotions such as joy, happiness, and peace compared to the vibrations of anger, fear, and upset, which can make you ill in different ways.

The Indigo works by detecting abnormal frequencies within your body, and then responds with normal, healthy frequencies. It trains and encourages your body to restore your energetic blueprint to help promote a healthier function of your organs, tissues, cells, emotions, etc. The Indigo works at speeds of 1/100th to 1/1000th of a second.

The Indigo Biofeedback is totally noninvasive and requires only five comfortable electrodes that wrap around your wrists, ankles and forehead. The computer scan then results in suggested retraining protocols OR you are free to choose working on your eyes, digestion, hormones, etc.



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